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The Associated Press just lost my respect.

Apparently; a storm blew up over the fact that a group of white girls from Arkansas won an African-inspired dance competition. But that's not the main story here (for me at least). The main story here is that The Associated Press actually mentioned and quoted Youtube comments in their news story as if these monstrous pieces of text mattered... to anyone, anywhere...

And I quote:
"A YouTube video of their performance, inspired by the movie "The Matrix," generated hundreds of comments.
Posters questioned everything from whether a white group should have been allowed to compete to whether judges wowed by the unlikely competitors inflated their scores to let them win.
"Good Job but let the Black folks have their own thing for once!!!" wrote one commenter posting under the name "titetowers" who said the Zeta Tau Alpha team did well but should not have won."
PS: titetowers is a moron.
PS: Kate Brumback and Dionne Walker are also morons.


  1. I no longer will look the AP the same way again.

  2. In case anyone was wondering, it was KATE BRUMBACK and DIONNE WALKER who wrote the article.

  3. There are white Africans too you know -_-
    Hasn't anyone heard of Shakira?

  4. Shakira isn't African, ...She's Colombian, Oh the Irony

  5. In case anyone was wondering, it was KATE BRUMBACK and DIONNE WALKER who wrote the article.

  6. WhitePowerRealistAugust 4, 2012 at 5:58 AM

    So white girls won, and the blaks are pissed? xD
    Nooooo only white people are racist... Blacks from USA are the biggest racists EVER! They act like we owe them something. Was it against the rules for white girls to participate? I mean, you can easily spot a white person in an "all 'Affrican'" competition. And if not, why the fuck are you expecting them to LET YOU win? That's raceist.
    PS: The only "white Affricans", are those who colonised the tribes and naturally, didn't want to mix with the local populus. And I'm not sure Arabs are "white", either.

  7. *sigh* I swear...people like this is what's gonna start World War three.