Stupid, Retarded and downright Ridiculous Youtube Comments

The aim of this website is to document and preserve the most retarded Youtube comments, so that people a hundred years from now can look back and take solace in the fact that the authors of these stupid comments have all since died. Some in horrible car crashes. Some from falling off ladders. Some from choking on peanuts. And some from falling off ladders while choking on peanuts. Thank God for Evolution.

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Number one reason to lose faith in humanity

I have a list. It's called "The top 10 reasons to lose faith in humanity". This is at the top, just above XFactor:
Mx what urr name iss Fuckk U U Dntt KNo Anythingg U Bastard Did U Get Raoe By Mj????....OK Theen SO Howw Can U Judgee Someoneee If Anythingg Blame Hiss fatherr!!!!


  1. judgeeeeeeeeeee

    Maybe she's talking in slow motion?

  2. Anon, you have my respect.

  3. It's the end of the world as we know it.