Stupid, Retarded and downright Ridiculous Youtube Comments

The aim of this website is to document and preserve the most retarded Youtube comments, so that people a hundred years from now can look back and take solace in the fact that the authors of these stupid comments have all since died. Some in horrible car crashes. Some from falling off ladders. Some from choking on peanuts. And some from falling off ladders while choking on peanuts. Thank God for Evolution.

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How is babby formed? Stupid Yahoo Questions and Answers

I was checking my referrals this morning when I came across a forum thread on another website. This forum thread included some examples from this blog and a Youtube clip of a Yahoo Question being read out. I nearly wet my pants. Prepare to laugh. Youtube certainly has a contender.


  1. I am actually crying, good sir.

  2. This is possibly the funniest video i have ever watched, did the makers of this make anymore?